What is it?

White Paper Syndication is basically a brief document that convince your customer in a better way. It is an authorized announce containing a detailed information of your services/products, technologies and its issues. It guides readers to comprehend an issue, resolve any issue or reaching a conclusion. It is an age-old practice that has recently seen a reboot in the marketing space. White Paper syndication is also known as Content Syndication sometimes.


Then this White Paper is forwarded to multiple panels to check its authenticity and validity. It is an educational resource which is considered one of the most effective lead generation tools and can have a powerful effect on the ROI of your marketing strategy.


Using White Paper Syndication, we can help your firm to engage with various other businesses. It will greatly improve your relationship with them which will most likely score you a sale. The more people who read your white paper, the better your chance of closing a deal.


To deliver higher content syndication and distribution, we deal with all the aspects of content syndication strategy such as :-

  • Assets,

  • Distribution

  • Lead delivery

  • Landing pages


We help clients share their most valued white papers through paid web syndication, online marketing and tele-nurture activities. This makes sure that it is available at every place imaginable.

White Paper Syndication make sure you to receive a certain amount of leads with the help of audience filtering options. One can target prospects based on their job title, company, geography and industry. White paper syndication can be throttled up or down to guarantee you receive a certain amount of leads with whatever demographic cuts you require.


Why are you still avoiding it when science has proved it to be one of the best ways to acquire leads? Yes, according to a research 69% of prospects who download and like your white paper will actively pass it along to their colleagues. 36% of total downloads will be passed on to a supervisor.


Let PDA deliver.

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