What are the importance of Basic fundamentals of ERP software for supply chain management?

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

ERP Software solution

ERP system is always based on four main components are ERP Software, Business Process that ERP Software supports, Users of ERP Systems and Technology and Operating system that run ERP application .

The main Uniqueness of all ERP systems is a centralised database that supports every function used by different departments within a company. Now days using multiple software systems to manage different areas of a business is really headache for SMB’s, ERP software gather all information within a single system. That means if any user want to perform any specific function so they are working with Centralised data source. To eliminate extra time which they are spending on multiple databases created using separate, disparate software applications 

By automating processes, a business can get extra time to achieve to deliver their pending works. Automation goes a long way to eliminating time-consuming manual processes and this is how our ERP software supports Business process and helping people to become more efficient and productive.

Now days automation is first preference to perform effective supply chain management and ensuring work flow processes of all departments such as production planning, manufacturing and inventory control.

When we automate the whole process and then by relieving a sales and purchasing department from their administrative duties, they can have more time to spend focusing on customers satisfaction and they always in close contact to ensure that promises can be kept. Warehouse staff need to know exactly what they have in stock and plan for deliveries. Production staff need to exactly plan out what is there future need & what they need to buy and when. The accounts department need to control and record all incomings and outgoings deliveries. Management need complete visibility what is happening at any single moment alongside the business intelligence that is necessary for strategic planning.

According to these kind of ERP system you can always focus on your Customer Satisfaction and you can minimise transition time. So if we talk about automation, customer satisfaction and productivity so Security is the backbone of every that process. Modern ERP solution should allow number of user as per there authority and requirement. This prevents individuals without proper authorisation from being able to physically manipulate the system and gaining entry to data stored within. Network manager can monitor login information to identify instances of misuse and address any potential attacks. Again we need to security update and regular patch releases to eliminate programming errors and new malware developments. Updates also improve upon the system’s flaws and can add capabilities not present in native versions. We can use Blockchain Technology for better security on Payment Gateways.

ERP Software is having access to centralised database from anywhere you work. Home, office, wherever, through our mobile- friendly solution and application. The mobile element is not about the replacing the entire ERP software but building function and specific extension that pull the right information, process, alerts and workflow out of the core system for the people that need them.

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