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"Do you know that According to the data, 81% of SMBs still rely on email as their primary customer acquisition channel, and 80% for retention (Emarsys, 2018)"


Are you still sending bulk emails and cold-calling to acquire leads? Are you not getting enough leads even after sending so many emails? Then you must be doing something wrong. How about you let us try and see the results for yourself?

If done correctly, email marketing can become a huge lead generator for your business. Email marketing still consistently drives brand visibility and converts new leads for companies. Whether used for promotional activities or for circulating newsletters or inviting people to your business, email remains the choice for communication. We can leverage email to generate leads easily, you just have to do a few things right and we do those right every time.


In B2B industry there is quite a need for professional email marketing. It's also one of the least difficult methods to gain maximum and genuine subscribers. We always grow our email list organically instead of buying subscribers.  We build an email marketing campaign strategy that meets your business objectives and revenue goals. They are compelling and talks directly to your audience. We perform A/B testing on best alternatives, and then optimize email templates to create a campaign that your targeted audience cannot ignore.


Our email marketing campaigns are result driven, we don’t like to waste your time. Our email marketing solutions give you the power to control the category and number of customers you want to reach.

You can categorise the email list on the basis of

  • Demographics,

  • Location

  • Purchase behavior

  • Website activity

  • Email engagement

  • Current phase placement in the customer journey


We provide email marketing solutions that provide you measurable results.


You can determine the following parameters:-

  • the delivery rates

  • open rates

  • click to deliver rates

  • subscriber retention rates from test cases

There is a lot of potential in email marketing. People who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than those who do not receive email offers. Email marketing still consistently drives brand visibility and converts new leads for companies. We know how to unlock this potential and leverage your brand to gain more leads.


 We help you record key metrics that present an insight into the behaviour of your customers and their preferences and provide email marketing solutions that are specifically created for the purpose of brand awareness. They can have specific content, be part of a larger marketing strategy, and have interactive and engaging designs, which will definitely increase your brand value.


You can use the results to target a larger population that will help you reach the desired results. Let PDA help you. Let us do what we’re good at.


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