“We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge”

John Naisbitt

Is the data you have collected about your clients useless? Do you not know how much useful contact/data discovery can be for your business?


What is data discovery?

Data discovery is a term related to business intelligence technology. It is the process of collecting data from your various databases and silos, and putting it into a single source that can be easily and instantly evaluated. Once your raw data is converted, you can follow your train of thought by doubling down into the data with just a few clicks. Once a trend is identified, the software help you to identify the contributing factors. This in turn helps you to establish a way to analyse that data and identify patterns that will prove to be beneficial for you.


Businesses operating today are challenged with transforming and preparing data of all shapes and sizes to gain valuable business insights. A company uses these insights to improve its offers and cater to customers’ tastes. It includes creating different offers for different types of customers, including regular customers; consumers who have purchased once but haven’t returned; and shoppers who have visited the company’s website but haven’t yet made any purchases. Think about how much useful this data can be for you? When you collect all the needed amount and type of data required for you to channel it and use it to make smarter decisions regarding impressing your clients.


How does it help?

Having a plain list full of contacts doesn’t really help in boosting sales. But it requires some intelligence along with it, intelligence which enhances and gives a better understanding of your market and prospect effectively. Quality of the database for any sales program is the key factor that decides the success of business. With contact discovery your sales team will be much more productive. The chances of reaching the right contact at the first kick become 90 % higher.

This is much better odds than what you’re probably doing right now. You won’t be wasting your time convincing junk leads rather using that time to contact the right people who are more likely to buy from you.


Features of PDA’s Data Discovery Service:-

  • Save Time

  • Refined Contacts

  • High Data Quality

  • Easy Identification Of The Best Prospect

  • Accurate Database of prospects

  • Focus On Sales Only



Get access to the right contacts to sell to and start boosting your revenue from today. Take action now. Let PDA do what they do best.

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