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Prime Data Analytics has been found with a genuine mission of helping businesses who are in need of a new marketing strategy that can potentially shoot up their sales and impacting countless people in the process. We know it’s tough to get revenue and that’s where we can help you generate more leads and sales with campaigns that pack a punch. We give you the tools and ways that you can use to gain an advantage and be better than your competition. We will provide you with systematic strategies to improve lead generation, conversion rates, and sales opportunities.Prime Data Analytics mission is to increase your business's visibility, reputation, and the impact it has on others. PDA is continually finding new ways to deliver on our mission: to help businesses harness the power of personalised and systematic marketing strategies to boost revenue. Our aim is to provide you with the best content, best email marketing campaigns, best data driven marketing strategies you can ever hope to acquire. To the Portfolio

What are we?

We are an organization that is bent on providing you with the best possible way for you to attain the most possible revenue for your business. We are your friends trying to help you push your boundaries farther than ever. We are an ally in your quest to increase the amount of leads you can attain, amount of clients you can contact and the amount of sales you can do. We are a way to find a better way to achieve your goals. We are an organisation that will help you to improve upon the lead generating process, content creation process, data discovery, app development and a lot of other processes of your business. We are a marketing agency that are really good at what they do.

What we do?

Have you ever wondered how much of your potential is hindered due to you not taking professional advice on how to acquire new customers and how to retain them? We have special services to help you do exactly that. We help you reach where you want to reach by helping you through -

Our Purpose and Promise

Our purpose is to help businesses around the world run better and improve their revenue.

Our promise is to innovate and work hard to help our clients be their best.

We create solutions for everything from lead generation to IT consultation for your business.

Our priority is to help you attain the status that you so deserve.

Why we started PDA?

We believe in the idea of helping businesses to grow so that they help themselves and help people. We wished to play a monumental role in helping businesses grow and develop by getting better at their sales and marketing processes and data collection and analytics.


Why we are different?

We pride ourselves on being different from the status quo. We incorporate the ability to building marketing strategies based on human psychology and behaviour. We are much more strategic and systematic. We believe in some values and we make sure that those values are represented in our work. These values are:

  • Hard work

  • Quality

  • Integrity

  • Creativity

  • Unconventional


Our performance oriented marketing strategies and tips will surely change how you have been working and acquiring work.

We are what you need. We are what you deserve. We are Prime Data Analytics



We will help you build funnels so that you can easily acquire more and more customers for your business. We are very driven to deliver results and help you achieve the best time possible for your business.


Prime Data Analytics is India’s prominent marketing based solutions provider.You’re not just a customer to us, you’re a partner.

We utilize the three most important tools we have to help you boost your presence and brand in the mind of your customer.

  • Technology

  • Our Skills and Expertise

  • Our Experience and Knowledge


Throughout our careers, we have worked with industry giants as well as brand new ventures to grow revenue and grow brand awareness at each stage of the marketing cycle. We have done digital marketing, ran major email campaigns for clients and done content syndication. And we leverage what we have learned to take your business to reach newer heights. As marketing solutions have grown in popularity in recent years, the companies are preferring a robust solution to maximize the sales and make lead generation way more systematic. And we specialise in exactly that, we make systematic approaches to every marketing function of your business so that you have to put in a lot less work.


The most important thing to us is that we do what we are good at and constantly keep delivering results. We develop powerful strategies that clearly articulate your awesomeness and deliver airtight execution to maximize your revenue. You generate a great revenue = delivering what we promise and as you know that’s really important to us.

If you decide that you need help and want IT consultations then we can help you with

  • ERP and CRM development

  • E-learning, Mobile app development


We build on that by researching to identify how your customers perceive your products and services, what they feel about them. Then we leverage that acquired knowledge to tailor a marketing strategy and execution plan for your business or brand based on proven experience so that we can achieve better results and you can start generating much more revenue.

The only powerful asset that will surely maximize the business outcome with a positive indicator is our help.


We specialise in a lot of things like marketing strategy, digital marketing, messaging, white papers, execution, analytics and results, but the only thing you should know and care about is what we specialise in majorly is ‘Results Driven marketing’. We believe that you deserve quality marketing tactics and that’s what we are here for.


We believe that the campaign is supposed to tell a story. A story about how good you are at what you do. We believe that campaigns should show your precision and your results. Needless to say, a successful campaign for you is also a successful campaign for us. We have proudly completed seven campaigns in B2B Lead Generation since the start of 2019 and are currently working on a campaign as of now.


We know how important it is for you to help people. And we know that the first step in that process is to get the attention of your potential customers. We are good at generating leads. We have generated 250 to 300 Pre-sales B2B leads for our partners and the number is still rising. Try us out.


There are two reasons a business is established for - helping people and sales. We know how good you are at helping people that’s why we want to help you get more sales so you can ultimately help more people. We work with the leads we’ve created and try to get you as many sales as possible. We have successfully worked with 10 of our  converted  B2B sales leads.


Our Motto is to help you match with your perfect customer. Our promise is to innovate and work hard to help our clients be their best.



Every business wishes to gain as much money as it can and sit with minimal effort, but it’s tough. What if you can do it? What if your dream of having a system for lead generation in place can be a reality? Do you know what you need to do to achieve that? We know what you can do.


You can ask us to help you with marketing, with content syndication, with IT consultation to fill your pockets and save your time. We wanted to come up with a solution for businesses that wasted a lot of time and money in figuring out the best marketing practices for their business and then we finally created Prime Data Analytics to tackle this problem. PDA aims to help you boost your sales with minimal effort.


If you want to beat your competition and acquire the most customers then let us know. You’ll receive the highest quality of performance oriented, data driven marketing strategy and tips to do the near impossible, created by us. Start getting the results that you deserve today! All you need to do is just let us know.


If you have any grievances or issues regarding anything you can connect with us either through a phone call or email. You won’t have to suffer long anymore. As soon as you contact us we will make sure to handle your every issue.

Contact us through the form below or just hit us up on the mail or call us. Looking forward to connecting with you.



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